Welcome to SheXec  . . . where women leaders enable women leaders

Take your Executive Leadership to the next level

SheXec is the start of an exclusive Female Executive Brain Trust. If you join, it will be your exclusive opportunity to learn from and connect with other top high-growth female CEOs and C-Suite Executives in South Africa.

Collaborate and Contribute

You will have a unique opportunity to discover and share valuable insights, strategies and create new breakthroughs. This is a unique experience that allows you to be teacher and student and ultimately play at the top of your game.

Why Apply?

This is your exclusive opportunity to connect with a top-notch, high-achieving Female CEO and Executive community that will help you grow. We firmly believe that there is not a problem this network of high-achieving peers can’t help you solve.

Core SheXec Content:

· CEO/C-Suite Relationship Tactics ·
· Strategic Thinking ·
· Career/Life Balance as an Executive ·
· Managing Growth ·
· Communication ·
· Leveraging Technology ·
· Leadership Skills Development ·

Other Benefits Include:

  • Private Facebook and Twitter group to share & learn from other members between events
  • Accountability Partners between events
  • Powerful pamper weekends
  • Monthly Power cocktail evenings
  • Informative newsletters, addressing leadership, management and technological issues essential for executive growth
  • Working together towards a community project to help women

And much more…

Growth opportunities:

  • Courses
  • Workshops
  • Leadership program offered by Stellenbosch University
  • Scholarships for further education, local and overseas
  • “Partnering with your CEO” leadership shadow program